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Xiaojing Liu

Associate Professor

Email: Liuxj@shanghaitech.edu.cn
Atomic Molecular Optical Physics


B.S 1992-1996 USTC Modern Physics
Ph. D 1996-2001 USTC Physics

  Work Experience  
Lecturer 2001-2004 USTC China
Asso. Prof 2004 USTC China
Postdoctor 2005-2008 Tohoku Univ. Japan
Resaerch. Ass. Prof. 2008-2010 Tohoku Univ. Japan
Beamline Scientist 2010-2013 Synchrotron SOLEIL France
Research Fellow 2013-2015 SINAP China
Professor 2015-2017 Beihang Univ. China
Asso. Professor 2017-now ShanghaiTech Univ. China

  Research Interest  
Our group focuses on studying novel materials and dynamical properties of nanostructures with high-resolution scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). With STM atom manipulation, we engineer nanostructures with tens or hundreds of atoms, investigate and manipulate the emergent phenomena in these artificially constructed nanosystems. In addition, we are also interested in using time-resolved and spin-resolved STM to probe the electronic properties of novel materials with new degrees of freedom.

(* corresponding author)

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