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In this group, we do three things. We create knowledge. We develop people. We find solutions. The core of the group mission is to develop and educate scientists who can lead. To achieve this, we will strengthen your convictions in scientific ethics and method; we will broaden your scientific vision and deepen your fundamental understanding of surface and Interface; and we will enhance your abilities to communicate and collaborate with others.

We use and develop specially designed characterization tools, particularly synchrotron based techniques, to probe physical and chemical phenomena on a surface or at an interface. The goal is to extend the current understanding of an interface from the framework of macroscopic thermodynamic and kinetic concepts and to establish and validate microscopic and molecular theories.


Zhi Liu(刘志)

Xiaojing Liu(刘小井)

Yong Yang(杨永)

Gang Chen(陈刚)

Ping Yu(于平)

Weimin Liu(刘伟民)