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Yulin Chen

Distinguished Adjunct Professor

Email: chenyl1@shanghaitech.edu.cn
Experimental condensed matter physics, including:
1、Topological quantum materials
2、Strongly correlated electronic materials
3、Non-conventional superconductivity
4、Angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy

B.S. 2000/7 University of Science and Technology of China Physics
Ph.D. 2008/6 Stanford University Physics
  Work Experience  
Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2008.06-2009.09 US Stanford University
Associate Staff Scientist 2009.09-2010.09 US LAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Staff Scientist 2010.10-2011.09 US LAC National Accelerator Laboratory
University Lecturer 2011.10-2013.12 UK University of Oxford
Associate Professor 2014.01-now UK University of Oxford
  Research Interest  
My research interest lies in experimental condensed matter physics; and specifically, in understanding the behavior of electrons in unconventional materials, such as topological quantum matters and strongly correlated systems. I'm also interested in developing advanced instrumentation that will drive the exploration of critical information on condensed matter systems with new degrees of freedom.

Outstanding Young Researcher Award (Macronix Prize) 2012
Institution: International Organization of Chinese Physicists and Astronomers
William E. and Diane M. Spicer Young Investigator Award 2009
Institution: Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource
ALS Doctoral Fellowship (2003-2006)

Instituttion: Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab


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