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Washington State University Delegation Visits ShanghaiTech
Author:            Date:2016-02-18            Browse:486

On January 19th, a delegation from Washington State University led by Vice President for Research Chris Keane visited ShanghaiTech. The group also includes Vice President for International Programs Dr. Asif Chaudhry, and two research school deans, Dr. David Field and Dr. James Petersen and Professor Yong Wang. The group visited the new campus, the research labs of School of Physical Science and Technology (SPST) and Shanghai Super Intense Laser Source (SSILS) laboratory.

In the afternoon, the delegation met with Vice President Dr.Yin Jie, SPST Associate Dean Dr. Liu Zhi and faculty members concerned. The WSU delegation made a combined seminar introducing of the new developments in this venerable university which recently became 125 years old. Dr. Jie Yin and Dr. Zhi Liu made introductions to ShanghaiTech University and SPST, representatively. After meeting, the WSU delegation also visited Low Carbon Transformation Center facilities in Shanghai Advanced Research Institute (SARI).