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SUNY Polytechnic Institute Albany Assistant Professor Carl Ventrice Visits ShanghaiTech
Author:            Date:2016-02-18            Browse:1095

Carl Ventrice, Associate Professor of Colleges of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE), SUNY Polytechnic Institute Albany, visited ShanghaiTech University last week. He toured around ShanghaiTech’s new campus under construction with President Jiang Mianheng and discussed the design of Maker Space, a workspace where students with common interests, often in digital arts, engineering and material sciences, gather together and gain hands-on experience complementary to what they learn in class.

Carl Ventrice also visited the SPST labs with Deputy Dean of School of Physical Science and Technology Liu Zhi and explored collaborations in fields of mutual interest. He delivered a lecture titled “Synthesis of Device-Quality Graphene Films,” demonstrating the unique properties of graphene that are of particular interest for the development of nanoscale electronic devices and sensors, analyzing the difficulties in growing large-scale, device-quality graphene films with uniform thickness at a relatively low cost, and introduced the research being done in his laboratory to synthesize single crystal films of graphene.