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Yuxin Leng

Distinguished Adjunct Professor

Phone: 021-69918436

B.S. 1993/9-1997/7 Wuhan University Physics Ph.D. 1997/9-2002/7Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, CASOptics
  Work Experience  
Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor 2002/7-now China Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, CAS Visiting scholar 2006/3-2007/5USUniversity of Washington
  Research Interest  
1.Developing higher intense field with higher temporal contrast and repetition rate, applying the related techniques in research and industry;
2.Developing few cycle, tunable and new working wavelength (1-5 mm) laser source and its applications in material science;
3.Developing the new laser sources, which temporal, spectral and special characters can be controlled accurately, and their application in laser physics.
1. Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award, First Class, 2003 (Rank 4)

2. National Science and Technology Progress Award, First Class, 2004 (Rank 4)

3. Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award, First Class, 2012 (Rank 4)


1. “Generation of carrier-envelope phase stabilized intense 1.5 cycle pulses at 1.75 μm”, OpticsExpress, 19 (7), 6783, 2011

2. “Enhancement of Amplified Spontaneous Emission Contrast With a Novel Front-End Based on NOPA and SHG Processes”, IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 48 (4), 516, 2012

3. “Carrier-envelope phase stabilized high temporal contrast femtosecond laser source at 1053 nm”, Laser Physics Letters,10 (7), 075403, 2013

4. “High-energy noncollinear optical parametric – chirped pulse amplification in LBO at 800 nm”, Optics Letters, 38, 4837, 2013

5. “Measurement of nonlinear refractive index coefficient of inert gases with hollow-core fiber”, Appl. Phys. B, 111, 447–452, 2013

6. “Ultrafast pre-breakdown dynamics in Al2O3/SiO2reflector by femtosecond UV laser spectroscopy”, Optics Express, 23 (13), 17653, 2015

1.Measuremethod and instrument for noble gas nonlinear refractive index, ZL201110129428.2 2.Femtosecond laser pulse duration compressor, ZL201110129419.3 3.Method and instrument for adjusting supercontinuum spectrum of ultra-intense and ultra-short laser, ZL201210042435.3 4.Real time measure method and instrument for femtosecond laser pulse based on self-reference spectral interference, ZL201110198352.9 5.CEP stabilizedbroadband ultra-short laser source, ZL201110434044.1

Xiaoyan Liang
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Haihe Lu
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Cheng Wang
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Lianghong Yu
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Dingjun Yin
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